Bjorn Auditorium, Mt. Blue Campus

Farmington, Maine
Seats: 500
Stage: 3,000sf
House: 5,250sf

The Bjorn Auditorium was designed in response to the school district's and community's exceptionally active music and theater programs. It is equipped to showcase choral, orchestra, theater, and dance performances as well as film projection and important ceremonies and events of both the school district and community. A control booth above the seating houses light and sound controls, and there are two side galleries and a catwalk. A scenery and set design workshop opens to the left of the stage.

Lyndon D. Keck

Photo ©Sandy Agrafiotis
List of audio/video and lighting features here:

  • Five-channel audio system with digital signal processing
  • Wired & wireless microphones
  • Recording system
  • Digital video projection system
  • Matrix switching
  • Mixer location patching system
  • Production intercom system
  • Backstage paging /intercom
  • Assistive listening (ADA)
  • Catwalk accessed front-of-house beam position
  • Gallery accessed front-of-house (L&R) box booms
  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd electrics at stage
  • Multiple tormentor positions
  • Lighting control system @ control booth