TruChoice Federal Credit Union Operations Center

South Portland, Maine    

PDT Architects designed this freestanding credit union operations center as a design/build project for Wright/Ryan Construction. The building is a "back-of-house" facility that does not serve the public directly.

The floor plan arranges private offices, a state-of-the-art data center, and conference rooms around open workspaces with vaulted ceilings. An employee area includes a kitchen and outdoor patio. Shower facilities support a corporate wellness program. There is plenty of storage space, plus an 800-s.f. suite that can be leased out or used for future expansion.

Exterior materials and landscaping were chosen for low cost and ease of maintenance. Specialized systems include a security system and a natural gas emergency generator.

Natural light is brought to every desk in order to engage each employee with the outdoors. Interior clerestory windows and tubular skylights direct natural light toward interior workspaces.

Brian M. Curley

Photos ©Sandy Agrafiotis