Skowhegan District Court

Skowhegan, Maine    

Designed on an ideal site across the street from the county courthouse and jail, the courthouse presents two dignified civic faces from its corner lot.

Public functions are all accessible from the spacious central lobby, which provides a daylit waiting area and access to courtrooms, conference and mediation rooms, police and district attorneys' offices, and transaction counters.

Judges and staff members are separated from the public concourse with secure entrances, transaction windows, and strategically placed storage areas and conference rooms. Prisoners are confined to a specialized suite with its own entrance, waiting area, and access to the large courtroom.

A prominent light monitor brings daylight into the large courtroom. With a steeply pitched roof and walls made of brick and wood with lead-coated copper dormers and accents, the courthouse has been designed to maintain the traditions of Skowhegan architecture. Many of the architectural details of dormers, wall banding, and canopies were adapted from local buildings. To soften the institutional face to the residential neighbors on High Street, the siding material changes from brick to clapboard.